Review of Camp Sandy Cove, High View WV

1 Jul

Last year my dear friend tried to get me to send my 9 year old son to Camp Sandy Cove.  I hesitated because of his age and the recent Jerry Sandusky scandal. Then my husband did not feel good about it so I said no.  This year we felt like he was old enough and he was going to be with two friends so we signed him up.  When I got to the camp, I felt very good about leaving him there. He was a little nervous at first but when he got in his cabin with his friends, he was quick to shoo me away.  After picking him up for a week (Sunday to Sunday), I can say that I am so glad we sent him this year.  He had the best time and actually learned some interesting new activities.  He had a full week of archery, horseback riding, circus training (and when I say circus training picture a tall Trapeze), outdoor surviving, and numerous fun events all while integrating a love for Christ.  Our son did not want to come home and is now suffering severe “after camp” blues.  Some of the pro’s about sending your child to Camp Sandy Cove:

1. getting away from video games and getting plenty of outdoor, fun, exercise

2. building relationships new and old

3. learning responsibility from someone other than their mother (particularly good for boys)

4. experiencing a Christian environment that is fun surrounded by great role models

5. What I most appreciated about the staff is that all the cabin counselors (called Chief’s) are young men and women that have themselves grown up going to the camp and have applied to be a LIT for a summer and then a CIT for a summer which are both involve rigorous and detailed training.  These are not just young people they hire for the summer but young people the leadership have known for years and have seen develop into men and women.  

So, if you are looking for a great sleep away camp for your child, I highly recommend Camp Sandy Cove. Camp Sandy Cove is located just about 15 miles from Winchester, VA.

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